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Dora Lewis
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Making Fear Your Servant

Making Fear Your Servant

Yes! You can make fear your servant. Do you wonder how? I learnt this sometime back and it has really been useful in dealing with fears about the future.

You know what happens when fear is at work. You can almost hear voices in your head telling you all that could go wrong; they may not be audible but you get the message loud and clear. Then you begin to picture it, and your mind goes into overdrive… and you panic… or you get depressed… or you feel overwhelmed….

Well, here’s the good news: you can turn the tables in your favour! So when next those terrible suggestions come to mind, pick up a pen and your journal and begin to write them down. Commit them to God in prayer then settle down and analyse each point that was dictated to you by fear. Next, document the mitigation you already have in place to prevent those things from happening, then think about and also write down all the additional things you could do, including reaching out for help and guidance from the right sources.

Once your analysis is complete, develop an execution plan for the additional items that will give you the most significant benefit. You may not have the time or resources to do everything so focus on the most critical items.

By the way, you may have discovered already that fear is sometimes magnified because we are not aware of all the facts. Trying to figure it all out in your head can make the whole thing seem so complex and insurmountable. Just write it down. Demystify it. Make it plain, easy to see… easy to solve.

So simple, yet so true – you can use fear to your advantage.


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  • Anonymous
    Reply March 20, 2016 10:47 pm

    So very true. I have found that the things I am most afraid of are the things that usually happen which makes me agree that fear is the gateway which the devil uses to build doubt which = lack of faith. Once your faith is weakened the protective hedge of God around you automatically comes down and then we are open to attacks from the enemy. So tell every fear that it’s too late , Christ already won that battle (whatever the situation). I know this because I live it.

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