I wonder why I needed a reminder this time. It didn’t quite register that we’re almost at the end of the first half of the year and it’s time for a Mid Year Check. Well, I’m extending the reminder to you. Your Mid Year Check is due!
Here are some things to check out:

  • The wonderful things that have happened thus far – consider them and be grateful
  • The mishaps you’ve experienced – be grateful again because you made it this far in spite of them. You could throw in some thoughts on what you could do differently next time to prevent such occurrences, that is, if these are issues you can control
  • Your goals – see how far you’ve come, celebrate your successes & restrategize to finish well in other areas
  • Your routine – have you used your time well? Are there adjustments you can make in your schedule to bring about improved efficiency
  • Family – do not forget this. Are you giving them the right priority and attention?
  • Your Health – have you done your annual check yet? Don’t push this off. Better safe than sorry.

I’m off to do my MYC. Hope you do the same sometime this week. I wish you a fruitful session.
Picture credit: www.actioncoach.com