I had a cute first aid box sometime back. It was white with a red cross and it had a little bit of all you should have in a first aid box. Well, time passed and it emptied out. So I decided to refill it because I wanted to be prepared in the event that someone got hurt.
I walked into a pharmacy close to my house and bought all the supplies. By the time I was done, I realized my cute box wouldn’t hold everything, so I bought a much larger box. This one’s green with a white cross on it.
Aesthetics aside, my new first aid supply has come in handy – from treating insect bites, to scrapes and bruises, to simply pacifying a child who feels a plaster is the solution to every discomfort in life. I’m glad I have my first aid box.
Sometimes, we live life without a ‘first aid box’. No money saved for the rainy day, no support systems, no backup plans, and so on. Some people even think that in trying to put measures in place to help them through possible crisis in the future, they’re inviting misfortune into their lives.
Sarah Omakwu often said, ‘Hope for the best but prepare for the worst’. I would rather have the resource and never have cause to use it, than be without the resource and be helpless, vulnerable and desperate if a need for it ever arose.
Do you have your first aid box?