Micah had been all over the house earlier in the day. It was obvious he was sleepy but he just refused to admit it or give in to our efforts to make him sleep. Finally, he asked for a sheet of paper and a pen and went to the dining table to scribble. A few minutes later, he was asleep, pen in hand. Funny boy!
We took him to the room and tucked him in. I checked on him a while later but he wasn’t yet ready to wake up. While I sat in my room much later, he walked in and sweetly asked ‘Mummy, can we go bike riding?’ And I opened my arms wide and squealed at the same time, ‘my Micah bo…’  He responded by running to me. As we wrapped our arms around each other, he exclaimed, ‘my Mummy!’ That just put a smile on my face. And I’m still smiling.
There was something about his response. It was so heartfelt. I reached out, and he responded and the warmth lingered. It’s such a good feeling and I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities you have every now and then to show your loved ones that you really love them and genuinely care about them.
Let it show through your words and your actions. Let there be no doubt about it. They need to know it and you need to show it. In this business of expressing love, everyone wins. We’ll all feel and be better for it.
What are you waiting for? Reach out today!
Picture Credit: www.parenting.com