Here’s my definition of self discipline – You do what you know you should do because it is the right thing to do if you are to achieve your goal.
I think self discipline would be difficult to develop if there was nothing to look forward to. There has to be a cause, a reason, a driver, a motivation.
I have found that when the strength of one’s purpose begins to diminish or you begin to lose sight of it, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay committed to the cause and you find that the tendency for lapses increases.
I believe that we need discipline now and everyday. If you disagree, cast your mind back a few days, months or years. Were your greatest achievements not ushered in by seasons of heightened discipline in one area of endeavour or the other?
So if you are experiencing dissatisfaction in any area of your life right now, I think it’s time to employ this powerful weapon – self discipline. Take the time to define your goal, and outline the right things you need to do to achieve it. Then with your desired end in mind, get to work and keep at it; steady and consistent…. You’ll be pleased with the result.
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