Happiness is a choice. I’ve known that for a long time now but I was reminded of that this past week when things didn’t go the way I planned. I invested valuable time in an activity that turned out to be an exercise in futility. It hurt so much and I mourned the loss of my time. I could have achieved so much more.
That was a low moment for me, so low I made the mistake of saying out loud ‘I am so sad right now’. Terrible! That should never come out of anybody’s mouth, and guess what? A few moments later, I became really sad, so sad everyone noticed, and for ever happy me, that was an anomaly. Our words really shape our future. Some outcomes are long term but others are short enough for us to see and realize that we’re reaping the fruit of our lips.
Well, I’m sure you all know being sad isn’t fun. It’s such an awkward expression – head bowed, no smile, people begin to pity you and wonder how they could help, and people become uncomfortable around you. Yuck! Awful. Naaah. No way was I going to let that linger. I said to myself, SNAP OUT OF IT! And I did a quick turn around in my mind, went to a secluded area, sang a good song and danced it off, then came back out and spent the rest of my day in joy.
Seriously, happiness is a decision and we have to choose everyday to maintain that joyful atmosphere around us. It produces good returns, like water that refreshes and revives. Find your own happiness restoration strategy and use it as often as required.
For the rest of today and every other day, I choose to be happy and I hope you’ll do the same.