I read an account of 12 spies who went to check out a land that had been promised to them. It was a serious fact finding mission and they were to return with as much information about the land as they could possibly gather to give the rest of the people a good picture of what the land was like – the population, the natural resources, the strength of the people, the fertility of the soil, and so on.
All twelve men went to the land and saw the same things and their account was that the land flowed with milk and honey, the people were strong, and the cities were fortified and very large. But they differed in their perceptions of the situation. Ten of them said the people were stronger than them and saw themselves as grasshoppers in the sight of the people while the other two saw the people of the land as bread and felt they were able to take the land… talk about a variance in perspective and consequently, in their convictions about what to do next.
I wonder how we view the circumstances around our dreams, our desires, and the promises we are holding onto. Do we just give up at the sight of opposition and obstacles, or do we settle down and come up with strategies to enable us accomplish them?
Sometimes it’s easier to just sit back and explain the problem: It didn’t work because….; I couldn’t… because…; If only … I would have ….; and so on.
I choose to be like those two men, to see the possibilities in my day-to-day life and believe that they will become a reality. I know that all things are possible to those who believe. So I’ll just keep believing and acting accordingly. What are you going to do?