I watched a leader give an account of his organization’s achievements over the past year. He said everything without referring to a document. He had the figures for the key performance indicators logged in his memory and I thought that was impressive.
He went further to explain the origin of the ideas that became the vision and goals his entire team ran with until every single one was accomplished and at the end of the event, he happened to share with a small group I was part of a new vision which should be realized sometime next year. Amazing!
So I deciphered the pattern – this leader spends time in prayer/meditation, receives divine direction/instruction/ideas, translates them into goals/action items, and shares them with his team. I am yet to discover if he assigns leads for the execution of each item while he maintains oversight or he gets involved in the nitty gritties, but from what I see so far, his strategy is yielding good results.
I am continually amazed at how great things are achieved and the strategies employed to do so. One thing is clear – great accomplishments do not just happen. There’s always a starting point – an idea – and then the strategies for achievement. 
I look forward to a new year packed with great accomplishments so like this great leader, I will plan ahead and then work it. I wish you good success too.