Yes! You made it to 2016. I rejoice with you because you overcame all the challenges life threw at you in the past year and you’re here. You’re still standing. Excellent!

So now that you’re here, what next? I discovered a presentation app on my phone called Keynote so I decided to put my skills to use but this time for the purpose of preparing my personal plan for the year. I have a slide for each area of my life where I would like to see more progress – family, music (here’s a link to my album), my blog, work, projects and so on. I’ve outlined the major things to strive for and I have included pictures to help with mental engagement. Of course I’ll still have the finer details written out in my journal for day to day considerations. This year, I plan to pay attention to these details of my life as though they were deliverables. Have you made your plans yet? If you need help with this, here’s a good guide by Brian Tracy – Planning Your Year.

While you’re at it, remember to THINK BIG. Speaking of thinking big, my daughter saw a poster that read just that. She turned to her dad and me and said, ‘I know what it means to think big. It means to think of very big things like elephants’. We had a good laugh, then explained it to her and gave her a few five-year-old big thinking cues. You see, it really doesn’t matter how old you are or what your current circumstance is, there’s always something worthwhile that you can reach for. Don’t limit yourself; you’re capable of so much more.

I wish you a year so good that you’ll look back at the end of it, pat yourself on the back and say ‘Well done’.

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