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Dora Lewis
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A Great Name

There's absolutely nothing wrong with one's name being great! Sometimes in the name of humility, we keep ourselves from aspiring to achieve great things and thus limit ourselves, fail to reach our highest potential and deprive ourselves and the world of the benefits that would have come as a result of us reaching our peak. Some people think that pride is the reason God came down to confuse the language of the people who were building the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1 -9 because they said '...

Finishing Strong

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard about ‘finishing strong’ from two influential figures in my life. I think it’s a tactful approach to start now to refocus efforts towards finishing strong. That way we can invest the coming weeks to months in clear cut steps that will bring about maximum achievement; the kind that will be reason enough to gather our loved ones together to celebrate, or to just sit in quietness and be grateful. Are you considering jumping on this FS wagon? Then here’s a thought to help you on your way: Decide on the one or two things that would make a remarkably fulfilling difference in your life if you accomplished...