If you had asked me sometime back to define righteousness, my response would have been in this direction – abstaining from all kinds of sin. Well, a few friends of mine embarked on a study and they created a BBM platform for their discussions. I’m not going with them on this journey but I pop in every now and then to see what’s up and learn a thing or two from them. I read a bit about a man named Job on one of the days his life was in focus and I came across an interesting concept which I would like to share with everyone.
Job’s friends accused him of being unrighteous and tried to make him accept that it was his unrighteousness that brought the calamity he was experiencing upon him, but in the midst of their discourse, I discovered they defined righteousness a little differently than we do these days. Their definition included helping the poor, orphans, widows, delivering people from captivity, helping those who were disabled in one way or the other, and so on.
Righteous people were like special agents who ensured that good was done in their sphere of influence, ultimately making their small portion of the earth a better place.
From this year on, I’m adding this to my description of how to be and how to live. Will you join me?
Special Agent Anietie reporting for duty, Sir!
Wow! That sounds great!
Happy New Year.