I fell ill. Wow! This usually doesn’t happen to me, but it did. The height of it was the moment I fell to the ground while trying to get from the hospital bed to the restroom which was only about 10 feet away. Someone helped me back to the bed and a nurse assisted me to the restroom.
The amazing thing about this experience is how normal I felt in my mind, I could say I was mentally sound, but physically incapacitated. I knew everything that had to be done, and that I would have loved to do, but I also knew my body was unable to handle any of those at that time.
Now I am well and totally excited about it. All the pain’s gone and my strength is restored. I feel great. I can move about and do what I want to do and I am thankful for this. But in retrospect, I learned something from this illness. I feel like I had a peek into how it feels to be advanced in years, especially if you didn’t take good care of your body when you were young. You become more aware of the fact that your body is a container, a house, a case, a shell… and you experience the frustration on not having it respond to you as you would desire. It’s like pressing the accelerator of an old car and the car’s just not responding.
They say time waits for no one, and we all get older as the years go by. I do not want to realize in my old age that I am yet to do the things I’m meant to do in this lifetime. I want to know them now and pursue them now; now that I still have zest and vitality; now that I can think it and my body can respond accordingly to produce the result I desire.
Time waits for no one indeed. Take time out to review those things you’ve said you’ll do and then begin to strategize and take bold steps towards achieving them. We have to WAKE UP! and get about our business today. We don’t have time to waste.