Sometimes we learn from the craziest situations. What do you do when you’re under pressure? Some people switch to the ‘blame somebody else’ mode and that just saturates the whole place with negative energy. But seriously speaking, the blame game doesn’t help the situation. Here’s an instance.

Our flight was for 7 a.m. I packed the night before and the kids’ luggage were mostly packed; just a few loose items were to be packed in the morning after bath time. My hubby planned to pack by 4 a.m. since he didn’t have much. By morning, he found that a number of those “loose items” needed to go in his luggage and it was clear an hour would no longer be sufficient. Needless to say, departure from the house was at about 5:30 a.m.

We set out, praying as we went. A few times I looked at my wristwatch and thought we wouldn’t make it. It began to rain, visibility was poor and the road was wet. At this point, I thought of the worst outcomes: 1. Drive with caution, which in this case meant slower that we wanted to, and probably miss the flight. 2. Drive faster and risk getting involved in a car crash? NO! Or 3. Drive faster and with luck, get to the airport on time. But when it comes to safety, you can’t rely on luck. So we went with option 1.

You see, he could have blamed us for giving him more to pack than he planned, I could have blamed him for not packing the night before, and I guess we all could have blamed God for the bad weather. LOL. Imagine that! Then we may have argued all the way to the airport, and that may have become so distracting to him that a car crash may have happened anyway. No. We refused to play the blame game.

Dear Grandma S was at the airport waiting. With our heads clear, an idea came to mind. We sent her our booking reference and she helped us complete part of the check in. We arrived on time to do the rest, clear security and board the plane. We made it. Thank God!

Blame games don’t help at all in resolving problems. In the heat of the negativity, you can miss even the simplest of solutions and fail to see your way out of your predicament. Just in case blame-gaming is a major sport for you, change your strategy today. No more blame games!

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