Have you ever heard about your counterpart in another company earning so much more than you do? Have you ever had your salary slashed because your employer happened upon hard times and decided that this was the best way to keep his Company afloat, while still demanding as much work output from you? Have you found yourself discussing with friends about how well some other person is doing? – someone who moved to another Country, another establishment, or someone who started their own Company.

Speaking of starting your own Company. This seems to be the way to go for a lot of people; some because they have the drive and passion for it; others – pure necessity. When so many people graduate from the University and there are so few job opportunities available, how long will it take before hunger and other critical needs come knocking on the door of the lives of these graduates?

Oh! One would have thought it’s graduates alone, but we can’t forget the rise in unemployment rate that is evinced by the ever increasing number of able bodied intellectuals who wake up each day and do not quite know what to do because they were told by someone that their expertise is no longer required. Hmn! They too are faced with critical needs, and necessity knocks hard on their doors.

But they say necessity is the mother of invention. So we hope that out of this unpleasant reality, something new and extremely beneficial will come out. An idea, a concept… a solution, a cure, a breakthrough, a new recipe… something good that the world will be pleased to pay for… something that will enrich the life of the inventor. Something!

So if you are in this group, my prayer for you is that your mind will function as it was designed to; that your creativity will be revived; that what seemed like death and darkness will give way to the brightness of your rising and that Kings will be drawn to that light… with the associated benefits that come with royal visitations.

And for you whose employer has made a call that has turned what you once considered as gainful employment to a nightmare or a mild version of slavery, know that you have options. First, you could hang in there and hope that things get better – but know that it could get worse, so while you hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Secondly, you could jump ship – get another job somewhere else with a better deal for you. On that I wonder… when last did you update your CV? Also, you could venture out on your own or with a few trusted friends to implement or execute a well thought through and prayed through business plan. But know that the business terrain comes with its own challenges and can be tough, especially at start up.

Whatever your case may be, remember that where there is a will, there is a way. Don’t be stuck on methods. Be willing to change your strategy or your approach if that’s what is required to help you achieve your desired reality. Never give up!

Best wishes.

May your tomorrow be so much better than today.

Picture Credit: coosbay.org