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Piano Nanny

Some years back, we bought a piano for our son and got him a teacher. I wanted him to have the opportunity I didn’t have to learn to play at a young age. I looked at the piano sitting there a few times and wondered if I should join him on the journey, but each time I thought about it or even went further to attempt it, I would give up because I imagined I was too old to start learning that now. I wondered when I would become good enough or when I would be able to play like so and so.

A few weeks back, my husband sent me a video of Deshun Wang, an eighty year old Chinese Grandpa who started learning English at age 44, started working out at 50 and did his first cat walk at 79. I realized I had allowed the thought of being too old become my excuse for giving up on learning to play the piano.

After acknowledging my plight and coming to terms with the truth that it’s never too late to start something new, I decided I would try again and just take baby steps… no pressure at all. I moved the piano to my room and found a good teacher online  I wonder if this has anything to do with my baby steps plan or it’s just a coincidence. I think they’re absolutely amazing. In today’s world, if you can read, you can learn almost anything online. I’ve asked a friend to check on me from time to time to see if I’m still on it.

So, what’s your story? Is there anything you’ve put off as well for the same reason? Feel free to share and be encouraged to make a fresh start. We can do this!

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Without warning, everything changed for Daniel, his cousins and friends. They were young; they had their whole future ahead of them and they often dreamed of occupying positions of influence and making a mark when their time came. This was a natural expectation for him and the other descendants of King Hezekiah. But without warning, everything changed and they went from being royalty in their homeland to being slaves in Babylon; all because of a wrong move King Hezekiah made years before.
Daniel could have spent his days in Babylon having pity parties, letting everyone know he used to be royalty, and finishing each session with a recap of how King Hezekiah brought this calamity upon them. Rather, he adhered to the values and principles for superior living that had been handed down their royal lineage for years – integrity, excellence, diligence, consistency, loyalty and devotion to his God.
Soon enough his good work began to speak and he gained promotions that took him from slavery to being a ruler in Babylon in successive administrations. He defied the restraints and the setbacks that were clearly the repercussions of his forefather’s actions and went ahead to live a victorious life.
So here’s the question for you. Do you ever think you’re disadvantaged because of certain circumstances beyond your control?
Consider applying the Daniel Strategy for victorious living. Build your list of values for victorious living and work with them. If you find this a little challenging, you could start with Daniel’s list and move on from there.
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Drenched – UNKNOWN 3

I made it in early that morning. I had everything planned the day before, down to my outfit, just to make sure there was no reason to be late. I really wanted to have that full hour to myself before jumping into the bustle of the day. Having the luxury of many good spots, I chose one that gave me the advantage of observing all that was going on in the parking lot without being seen by others.
Minutes into my quiet time, I was interrupted by some noise on the roof of my vehicle. It had begun to rain and it wasn’t the ‘hello, if you don’t mind, let me water the earth a little’ kind of rain. It was the ‘I’m invincible, strong and sovereign and I’m going to give you a taste of how much water my clouds can hold’ kind. I mean, it poured. I refused to be bothered. I knew I would get into the building somehow without getting drenched. The rain would probably subside by the time I had to go in, I hoped.
Soon enough, I observed that the guards on duty were taking umbrellas to people who indicated they needed help. How nice. More and more people arrived. Then I noticed that some people parked their cars, got out immediately, and ran in the rain until they got into the building. I can imagine they spent sometime under the driers before settling in to work. Quite interesting. If only they had spent a few minutes looking around, they would have realized that help was available; that there was provision already for their need. Hmn… They probably acted on their worst assumption.
Reminds me of a scripture that says ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge’. You see, our Heavenly Father has made provision for the challenges we’ll face, the mysteries we’ll have to unravel, and problems we’ll have to solve. He even ordered his angels to guard us wherever we go. If you stumble, they’ll catch you; their job is to keep you from falling. You’ll walk unharmed among lions and snakes, and kick young lions and serpents from the path. Imagine that. But if you don’t know, you’ll walk on in defeat battered on every side like a ship on a stormy sea.
Don’t let the issues of life drench you. Reach out to your Father today. Holla HELP! He’ll come to your rescue.
Happy Fathers‘ Day.
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