Hey! We’re in December! I’m counting down to the end of 2016. In fact, I have a table with major activities marked for most days. You can call it my last attempt at getting some things done this year or my preliminary efforts towards a more fulfilling 2017.
It’s easy to think about goals, achievements and plans in this season but it’s also important to remember to take a timeout to count your blessings – from the super amazing events to the pretty much everyday stuff that we tend to take for granted. Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed by yourself, having your body function optimally, not losing your mind amidst the pressures you experience at work, no sickness… you name it. Remember these and be grateful.
You’ll find your strength and joy renewed, and your hope restored. Apart from what’s in it for you, there’s just the fact that God deserves our thanks for His mercies that are new every morning and how far He’s brought us. Think of it, can you add even a unit to the span of your life?
Count your blessings and be grateful.
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