My daughter is crazy about long hair. She has this really interesting hair texture that doesn’t quite do well with weaves. I usually say the strands cry out from the locks ‘let me out, let me out, I want to be free’. Long story short, her hair gets untidy very quickly. Our strategy for a while was to use wool to reinforce the locks and that made it last longer, but with that came the opportunity to make the hair longer, so she would negotiate each time her hair was to be styled, and she would say, ‘Mummy, how long’s my hair gonna be?’ And then she would go ‘ohhh Mummy, but you know I really, really, really, really like long hair…’ And so on.
Well, now her hair is texturized so we don’t use wool anymore, it’s just as long as it is, but she came to me last night to let me know how she wanted her hair to be when she turns five. After describing it, she said she had to draw it to aid my understanding. So she got an A4 paper and a pencil and drew what she has in mind for years 5 – 11. That was just awesome. So four year olds can be this detailed in dreaming and imagining.
Now that I know what she wants, I will do the best I can to help her get there, and I know I have to treat her like Samson…. No hair cuts. Interesting. I wonder how much easier our journeys would be if we took the time to decide what we really want and communicate it clearly to the right people.
What’s your desire for this year, next year, the next five years…? If you haven’t written it out yet, today would be a good day to do so. There’s a lot to gain. Go for it!