Once upon a time, we prayed about everything and trusted God for direction.
Then someone said God gave us brains for a purpose, we should stop bothering Him with the little details of our lives.
So we began to pray only about the serious issues – finding a life partner, bearing children, getting employed, starting a business.
We relied on our intellects, our training, our experience, advice from loved ones and mentors, and on google for those other decisions.
Now we’re just like everyone else – nothing excellent, unique, profound, impactful, convincing or transformational about us. Is this really how we were meant to be?
Wonder about how He takes time to number the hair on our heads – strand 1, 2…10008…. strand 511102
Wonder also about how He collects our tears in His bottle
Wonder again at how He has a plan for each and every one of His creation, leading up to a good end. Seriously, how easy is it to write a five year plan for your own life?
I wonder. Are these not indications that He’s concerned about every aspect of our lives, even those we consider insignificant?
Well, here’s a truth I’ve discovered – in turning to Him for only the big deals, we miss out on the practice sessions and find that we’re no longer skilled at accessing His truth when it’s crucial. Then anxiety, uncertainty and fear set in with often undesirable consequences.
Isn’t it time to go back to the ancient paths and begin again to seek His will in all we do, and let Him show us the path to take?