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Dora Lewis
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Terrible things happened to Jesus on that day but we call it Good Friday. That’s because the focus is on the result, the outcome of all He suffered. He was arrested/imprisoned - I have liberty He was scourged - By those stripes, I am healed He was punished - I have peace He became a curse by hanging on the tree - Every curse is broken in my life He was rejected - I am accepted into God’s family He died - I have eternal life There’s so much more. I can’t tell it all. Words are not enough. What a beautiful exchange. He took my pain, my sin, my guilt, my shame, my...

One Man

All over the world today, people celebrate the power of a well calculated and targeted investment. Who said God doesn’t understand business? Isn’t it sheer genius that a one time investment made over two thousand years ago is still yielding returns today? I can only imagine the terms of that contract. One man was despised and rejected, now we are loved and accepted One man wore sorrow and grief like a garment, now we have joy beyond measure and great comfort One man paid the penalty for sin and rebellion, now multitudes are counted as righteous One man was beaten, now millions are whole - nothing missing, nothing broken, total wellbeing One man bore the stripes on...