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Dora Lewis
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Terrible things happened to Jesus on that day but we call it Good Friday. That’s because the focus is on the result, the outcome of all He suffered. He was arrested/imprisoned - I have liberty He was scourged - By those stripes, I am healed He was punished - I have peace He became a curse by hanging on the tree - Every curse is broken in my life He was rejected - I am accepted into God’s family He died - I have eternal life There’s so much more. I can’t tell it all. Words are not enough. What a beautiful exchange. He took my pain, my sin, my guilt, my shame, my...


New Month! Four gone, eight to go, then we'll be shouting 'Happy New Year' again. Time truly waits for no man. A cousin of ours came visiting. Just yesterday she gained admission into the University and now she is getting ready for her fourth year which will begin in September. Where did the time go? I'm glad that I'm able to account for that time with a few worthwhile accomplishments but I see also that more traction is required for some other dreams to become a reality. Are you still dreaming? Don't stop! There's never a bad time for a good idea. Light bulb moments are always welcome and where there is a will,...

Survival 3 – Praise

Hand clapping, toe tapping, hand lifting, dancing, jumping, shouting, waving, singing, playing skillfully or not so skillfully on your musical instrument - these are all acceptable forms of praise. If you don't know how to play any of those other instruments, you can at least play the ten-stringed one, your palms...

6th Sense

On the average day, I am a pros and cons superstar. I delight in checking out, weighing, and evaluating options so that I can eventually make an informed decision. This works on most occasions, however, there are times when there’s more to it than you can naturally sense. Then you need a sixth sense to help you judge accurately. I’ve also come to realize that one of the greatest adversaries of this pros and cons process is fear; fear in the heart of the person who needs to do the evaluation. Fear just shuts down the whole process and before you know it, you’re facing the consequences of a bad decision you made...