I had the most interesting Easter Holiday cum vacation. The kids’ school closed on Thursday, the day before Good Friday. Can you imagine that? Well, by God’s grace and favor, we were able to make it to Lagos on the the same day. 
Now I’m back to reality. I’ll say:

  • Build as much fun and fantasy into your reality. All work and no play makes you BORING. Work hard and endeavor to make room for rest and relaxation.
  • Value your family – nuclear and extended. Keep those relationships healthy and strong. You’ll find that your parents/siblings can be your best friends, part of your support system and they can also provide you a home away from home.
  • You need goals even for a vacation. State clearly the things you want to do, buy, see, and eat. Be clear on special treats you want to take advantage of. It feels good to come back with the mindset of an achiever  because you achieved a great percentage of your goals, even if all you had on your list was sleep, sleep, sleep and… sleep again. You’ll return to your reality on a high.
  • Don’t let the music get to you when you go shopping. Those happy go lucky songs seem to say ‘don’t worry about tomorrow, just spend the money NOW! After all, you worked so hard to earn it, give yourself a treat‘. LOL. Am I the only one who hears this? Remember your fantasy won’t last forever. Allocate funds to ensure a smooth and anxiety free transition to reality – school fees, home supplies, bills, and so on.
  • Lastly, when on vacation, draw more nourishment for your life as you meditate on the Word of God and pray. Refresh your soul too.

I wish you a fantastic vacation when next you have one.