A lot can go wrong with a meal when the cook has not learned some secrets from more experienced hands. A long time ago, I learned that when cooking with dried fish, you have to rinse off the excess salt with cold water before you begin, and taste to determine if you have enough salt already before you attempt to add any.

You see, salt is used to preserve fish and several foods. It’s effective because it draws out moisture from the food and thus impairs the growth of food-spoiling microbes. In fact, Bethany Moncel, in her article – Six functions of salt in food – states that many disease causing microbes are unable to grow in the presence of salt. Interesting.

I am yet to see a fully stocked kitchen that doesn’t have salt in it. This ingredient is a must have and is used in several meals. Even some desserts have a pinch or some¬† other small measure of salt in the recipe because small amounts of salt intensify sweetness. I use it in my chocolate cakes – super yummy. So apart from its own flavor, salt enhances other flavors.

Did you know that salt counteracts bitter flavors in food? I just found out; and salt also reacts with some food molecules to release additional flavors that make the food more aromatic. Awesome. No wonder Jesus calls us the *SALT OF THE EARTH. So as salt is to food, so we are to the earth – preservatives and flavoring agents.

In preserving, we are to create an unconducive environment for anything that seeks to spoil, damage, corrupt or bring about decay and death in our spheres of influence. Preserve your earth – the people, systems, and environment around you. It seems we’ll need to pay attention, observe the trends, identify the problems and the root cause, and then do something about it. Our role is definitely not to stand by and do nothing.

As flavor enhancers we have to endeavor to bring out the best in every person and every system we interact with. Seek to add value always and to make things better. There’s a poster I saw in a public restroom a while back. It said ‘Please leave this toilet better than you met it’. That says a lot.

Be aware and live like one who is aware of the fact that you are the salt of the earth. This truly pleases God.


*Matthew 5:13