Yes. Today is the day! September 10, 2017. Ignition Point 6. It’s the sixth edition of an initiative by A. Moses. We’ve rehearsed, we’ve prayed, and now we go believing that God will fill the atmosphere with His presence as we minister. We expect the manifest presence of God and with that, we know the sick will be healed, captives set free, burdens lifted, yokes destroyed and many souls saved.

I’ll be performing four songs, three of which are mine. I’m excited. I haven’t performed ‘Praise Him‘ and ‘You too much‘ live before but from the feel of the rehearsals, it’s going to be a wonderful time. It’s interesting the way these songs take on new life when performed live.

I’m grateful for the team of singers and instrumentalists that are working with me now. Each one with his or her own flavour to help us make a delicious cocktail that’ll please God. You know, we were created to please God, so that’s our main aim and objective. I’m always grateful for every opportunity I have to make use of my gifts, skills and experience.

What’s your gift? What’s your innate ability? Are you developing and using it?Don’t give up on it. Don’t let it die. You may be busy with work, business, family life, education, and so on but find a way to make room for it. You’ll find so much fulfilment.