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Dora Lewis
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My kids love to go swimming. It took a while but we eventually worked this activity into our weekly family routine and now the process is seamless. It’s been said that the average time required to change a habit is about twenty one days. It’s interesting to see how easy it is to determine the positive habits you need to develop. The hard part usually is finding out what your negative habits are and this is because we are often in denial or we just don’t realize that something we do so easily and frequently is breaking us instead of making us. So it’s necessary to ask your friends, colleagues, bosses, mentors, and...

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Once upon a time, I used to read all sorts of books. Then life happened and I had to narrow the scope of my reading accordingly. Well I found this one book and someone said ‘if you only read one book this millennium… the Power of Focus should be it!’ So I’m making room to read it and to share. It’s by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt. Did you know that life doesn’t just happen? It’s about choices and how we respond to situations. So if you’re happy with where you are today, you can give the credit to the good choices you made in the past and your positive...