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Dora Lewis
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EMBER Months

In this part of the world, the last four months of the year are referred to as EMBER months and that comes with a negative connotation. You see EMBER sounds a bit like ‘mba’, a popular Igbo word that means NO. Over the years, most people have come to think of this period as difficult, dangerous, treacherous, and packed with an air of impossibility. It is also usually accompanied by an increase in accident rates, crime rates, and so on, so a lot of people live in fear during this time of year. How about looking at this time differently from now on? We may not be in control of a lot of...

Your Best

I just watched a video of a young and extremely talented doctor/singer who passed away after an accident. I'm thinking - he was all that yet his life came to an end after it took a turn for even greater heights. What happens to dreams, desires, and ambitions when a life comes to an end? Death often means the end - case closed, nothing more to be done; but in some cases dreams outlive the dreamers in diverse ways such that their lives keep speaking and having an impact even when they are no more - people's memories of the person, people buying into their vision and running with it, the lives they touched,...

Life Cycle

Are you one of those who hardly ever have a problem? Consider yourself fortunate, lucky, blessed. Sometimes we coast for seasons without stress but every now and then, just as examinations are required to test our knowledge and competence, and to determine our qualification for transition to higher levels in our endeavours, life throws us a few tests and trials. Yes, that’s how I view them when they come around. I refuse to look at them as events that will break me, I always look out for the good in every single trial I go through. I believe there’s a silver lining behind every dark cloud and if I can’t find it, I...