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Dora Lewis
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Husband Material 3 – Watch!

Don't ignore the signs More often than not, the signs are there to help you tell what kind of person you're dealing with. In fact, if you pay attention, you can predict how they'll likely respond to certain events in the future. I believe this discovery of a person's tendencies, likes, dislikes, habits, values and general behavior is more effective when they have their guard down. You need the person to be himself or herself as much as possible. Conscious of this fact, I paid attention to Kingsley. I watched him while we were out with our group of friends and while we were at Church. He was still in focus while we were...

Husband material 2 – Intelligence 

Intelligence Another item on my list was intelligence because I wanted to be completely understood by my spouse. For this reason, one of my goals was to ensure, before saying 'Yes' to a prospect, that we weren't too far apart on the intelligence scale. For me, tall, dark and handsome wasn't enough so I was on the lookout for brain matter. I believed there had to be more than just good looks to make a relationship work. Avoid Shame in the Future I had heard about a few embarrassing accounts that happened because of huge IQ gaps between couples and I didn't want to experience such. If we were out with friends or colleagues, I...

Husband material – 1

Birthday One beautiful evening, I sat by my window and discussed with all the people who came to see me. It was my birthday and as expected, I had several guests. I typically hosted my female friends inside my hostel but guys were not allowed because of the religious beliefs in that part of the country. As a result, a young lady sitting at the corner of the room and talking to someone on the other side of the window wasn’t a strange sight at all. It was part of the process in testing if your prospect was 'husband material'. Three People I hoped a few people would come by. In fact, I hoped three...