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My Whole Life by Anietie Bature

On March 31, 2017, my new single ‘My Whole Life’ was released. When asked to say something about this song,  I recalled that I had prayed the words of this song for years and on this particular morning in January 2016 the words came together into a beautiful melody and we’ve been singing it since. I love it, my hubby loves it, the kids love it, everybody loves it.

I enjoyed working on this song with iChek (@IykeChekwa) who produced it, and we had superb backing vocals by Lauretta Cookey (@lauryee143), Emem Alfred (@alfredemem), and Olanrewaju Awosika. These guys are power houses on their own. It was indeed an honor to have them lend their voices to this work.

The expertise of our ever so skillful instrumentalists came to bear as well with iChek on the keyboard, Gideon Itimi (@Ministerwow) on the bass guitar, David Ubani (@davemark9) on the lead guitar, and John Osadolo on drums. Saviour Amos (@saviour_amos) and Edward Sunday were the audio engineers for this project; Edward also mixed and mastered this song. Fantastic! Team work is good work; especially when each member of the team can hold their own and is happy to contribute to the overall success of that team.

Now, from me, the song writer… here are the lyrics to this beautiful song:

You have a plan for my life oh God
You’re watching over Your Word to bring it to pass
Your eyes are upon me
You go before me You’re leading me
I totally surrender
Totally surrender to You

My Whole Life oh God I give to You
My Whole Life oh God
My Whole Life oh God I give to You
My Whole Life oh God

Have Your way
Have Your way
Have Your way
Have Your way

Just in case you haven’t heard this song yet, here are all the links you need to listen, download for free, or buy the song online. The choice is yours. Enjoy!