Tell me. How has 2016 been for you? What were the low and high points? What is the one thing that will always come to your mind whenever you think back on this year?

I had a look at my Keynote presentation – 2016: Reimagine. My goals for the year were captured there. Having it on my phone made it a little easier to track. Through the year, I looked at it from time to time and smiled over something that had been accomplished, made a mental note to revisit something that had been forgotten or neglected, or went back to the drawing board if the strategy for a particular goal wasn’t yielding the desired result.

I think I put in a little more effort for my 2016 goals than for previous years. I went as far as capturing academic milestones for my kids. I created my own categories to cover areas of interest to me – Family, Work, Blog, Music, and so on. One area that clearly didn’t go as I planned was Training. Thanks to the current economic environment, I had to resort to OJTs. If you’re wondering, OJT stands for On the Job Training. They can be helpful too but your scope of learning is reduced to subjects related to the day to day problems you face on the job.

Overall, I was pleased to see that most of the items had been accomplished and on this basis, I have begun to do the same for 2017. I’ll see if there are new categories to add. I know the new year will be exciting too. I’ve named it already. 2017: the Harvest. I look forward to super amazing events.

I wish you  a beautiful end to 2016 and a delightful 2017. May all your good desires come to pass. I always add ‘good‘ because sometimes, in not knowing the future, we wish for things that could do us more harm than good. 

I encourage you to plan 2017. As is often said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Let’s all succeed.

To your success.