One thing I’m grateful for is the friends I’ve had. From my childhood till now, I’ve been blessed with good company, good influence, good inspiration, motivators, challengers, encouragers, counsellors, comforters and helpers in the form of friends. My journey wouldn’t have been as pleasant without my friends.
I believe I was a good friend too. Friendship isn’t a one way street. You take and you give, and the trade goes on. It’s easy to see why it begins to fall apart when one party begins to refrain from giving or when distance, busy schedules, and other complexities interfere with the exchange.
Now the world is a global village, and thanks to technological advancements, we can keep in touch with friends far and near. It comes down to our willingness to make the effort to reconnect, and strengthen those beneficial bonds. As they say, no man is an island, so you may find this well worth the effort.
Where are your friends?