A certain man did his job so well from day to day and was extremely valuable to the organization he worked for. Somewhere along the line, certain changes were to be made that would require him to move away from his base to work in a different location. He thought about the impact this would have on his family… but all efforts to avert this move fell through, so he resigned.

While between jobs, he redirected his time and other resources to something he loved doing – real estate. He completed and sold more and more houses so much so that he didn’t need to get another job. He had found a way to commercialize his passion. This in itself is a blessing. When you find a way to earn money while doing what you love to do, you’re truly blessed.

But there’s something else here. This man’s company aims to deliver affordable excellence and people have gained from this. It’s almost the way I feel about Hyundai Santa Fe – it’s cheaper than a number of luxury cars but you still have seven passenger seating, all wheel drive, rear-view camera, Bluetooth hands free phone system, a good number of strategically located airbags, remote keyless entry system with alarm, and the side mirrors respond to you when you approach.

Sometimes we feel like giving up on our passion because of how challenging it seems to get it to the highway, and because we feel it’s just one person’s passion, so what’s the big deal? But when next that thought comes to mind, think about the many people who will be better off because you chose to pursue your passion. Think of the people who will be grateful that you didn’t give up on your dream or purpose.

One step at a time, here a little, there a little… slowly but surely, you’ll get there if you keep on keeping on and trusting God to direct you into the fullness of all He has planned for you.