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Dora Lewis
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Dream Bigger

While organizing the files on my system, I happened upon a document I called 'Dreams - What I'm believing for'. I opened it to see what I had written. The column headings were: What - the item/my desire The Promise - scriptures to encourage me  on the subject Description/details - the finer details of what I wanted Potential Challenges - what I thought could be show stoppers / obstacles Strategy for achievement - including the suggestions for how to address the potential challenges Target date Date accomplished I totally forgot I had prepared this document though I had the key points outlined in my journal so I could pay attention to them. I read through and realized that from the...

My First Aid Box

I had a cute first aid box sometime back. It was white with a red cross and it had a little bit of all you should have in a first aid box. Well, time passed and it emptied out. So I decided to refill it because I wanted to be prepared in the event that someone got hurt. I walked into a pharmacy close to my house and bought all the supplies. By the time I was done, I realized my cute box wouldn’t hold everything, so I bought a much larger box. This one’s green with a white cross on it. Aesthetics aside, my new first aid supply has come in handy –...

Start today

My daughter is crazy about long hair. She has this really interesting hair texture that doesn’t quite do well with weaves. I usually say the strands cry out from the locks ‘let me out, let me out, I want to be free’. Long story short, her hair gets untidy very quickly. Our strategy for a while was to use wool to reinforce the locks and that made it last longer, but with that came the opportunity to make the hair longer, so she would negotiate each time her hair was to be styled, and she would say, ‘Mummy, how long’s my hair gonna be?’ And then she would go ‘ohhh Mummy, but...