Smoking! Somebody… stop me.

Do you remember this statement from the movie, the Mask? Of all that was said, that’s the one line I can’t forget. Though an old movie, you can still draw a lot of meaning from that one statement.
At the peak of his masked capacity, Stanley Ipkiss made this remark. This was him telling everybody he was all that and more – A confident statement of self assurance, an acknowledgement of his enhanced capacity and his absolute enjoyment of all the benefits that came with this magic mask he found.
Yes! It’s absolutely okay to be your own cheer leader. Oh yes! You can pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high five or a thumbs up and affirm yourself. In fact, in this day and age when negativity seems to be more noised abroad than things that are good, encouraging, refreshing, and motivating, it is needful to do this.
So when you look in the mirror and are pleased with what you see, affirm yourself. Let statements like I’m unstoppable, I can do all things, It’s my time, I’m a champion, I always win, my future’s so bright I need sunglasses to view it… be part of your every day. Think it, say it, shout it. Go ahead and add a melody to it and dance. If ever you were to speak positively, the time is NOW.
Use your words to motivate yourself and create an enabling environment for success to happen in your life, and soon it will be evident indeed that you’re smoking hot.