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Dora Lewis
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I remember a scene from 'the good, the bad and the ugly', a western movie from back in the days. A man pointed a gun at his adversary and went on and on about how he was going to kill him, the pleasure he would derive, and so on. At some point in his speech, his adversary shot him, then said 'If you want to shoot, shoot. Don't talk'. Laugh out loud! I think that's all I really remember from that movie. It was just so funny. Well, there's a lot of sense in what that man said. People often go on and on about what they plan to do and at the...


I fell ill. Wow! This usually doesn't happen to me, but it did. The height of it was the moment I fell to the ground while trying to get from the hospital bed to the restroom which was only about 10 feet away. Someone helped me back to the bed and a nurse assisted me to the restroom. The amazing thing about this experience is how normal I felt in my mind, I could say I was mentally sound, but physically incapacitated. I knew everything that had to be done, and that I would have loved to do, but I also knew my body was unable to handle any of those at that...