I read about someone who did something he shouldn’t have done and many people began to attack him on social media. I was concerned about the whole thing and was in deep thought about it for a while. I wanted to understand what went wrong and how it got to that point. I wished I had all the information so I could do a thorough analysis on the matter and identify the root cause, but with the scanty information, I was left with many possible scenarios to analyse.

Well, I have outlined some recommendations based on insights from my analysis that could help us avoid such complications in our own lives.

Firstly, hold true to your values – honesty, integrity, loyalty, faithfulness, and so on. They will serve you and protect you for life.

Secondly, be accountable to certain people in your life whom you respect; people who are older, wiser or more experienced and who have your best interest at heart. Give them permission to engage you whenever they observe anything of concern in your life, you know… they should be free to bring potential red flags to your attention. This should also work in reverse, with you pointing out potential red flags to people close enough to you.

Furthermore, in the midst of pursuing your ambitions in life, keep in mind the people that are most important to you – the people you have primary responsibility for. Yes, I mean your immediate family – your spouse and your children. Providing for your family goes beyond finances and you have to ensure they do not lack the care, nurture, attention, and love that is meant to come from you.

In addition, although it is a good practice to delegate some responsibilities so you can focus on those things that are important and need to be done by you, you have to apply common sense and be careful not to delegate those activities you are meant to handle by yourself. Sometimes, by our frequent absence or inactions, we create enough room for someone else to take our place. This is subtle delegation and we should not  do this.

Lastly, remember you’re human and as such, you’re not perfect. You can make mistakes, even very costly ones. You should therefore learn to run away from appearances of evil rather than stick around with the belief that you can handle it and the situation won’t spiral out of control.

On this note, I wish you a happy and fulfilled life with healthy relationships and scandal/disaster free success.


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