Tomorrow Is Another Day
When I said ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ this time, I didn’t quite feel the usual excitement. There were a few time consuming offsite activities planned for Saturday and some other things to sort out at home so the prospect of having a restful weekend was slim. If you’re one of those people who loves to finish identified tasks, you’ll understand that I was trying to figure out how to get all these things done by Saturday night and that was a door held open for Mr. Stress to stroll in.
These days, stress related illnesses are on the increase. You hear of all kinds of symptoms and at the end of the day, stress is identified as the main trigger. The most annoying part is the amount of medical examinations the patient has to endure to have other probable causes ruled out before they finally arrive at Stress. The process is resource draining and very uncomfortable, not to mention the part where you begin to feel less human and more like a lab-rat. Don’t let this happen to you.
You have to identify the things that cause stress in your day to day – they’re called stressors – and learn how to address each one. They range from good to bad – success on a project, a promotion at work, a wedding/marriage, the birth or a child, relocation, a very busy day, deadlines, gaining weight, a deal gone south, a problematic client, a challenging case, the death of a loved one… the list goes on. You shouldn’t allow it get to the point where it begins to affect your wellbeing.
On this particular occasion, I had to pull my TIAD card and remind myself that TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY! This card comes in handy whenever I’m stressing over stuff that could be handled later, you know, those activities that would not result in any terrible repercussion if left undone. And yes, it worked wonders. I thinned that to-do list down to the important stuff and completely enjoyed my Saturday. Now I feel good and ready for the week.
How about you?