It’s been quite a day – from the worship service to a baby dedication reception, then to a thanksgiving party, then a graduation party and finally a birthday party. This day’s been truly packed. At first I was concerned about timing and wanted to move quickly through all the events, but I later decided to relax a little and enjoy the moment.
While enjoying the moment, we drove past some beautiful houses and one of them looked out of place. The paint on it didn’t only look old, it was peeling off the wall. I had passed by that house some months back and it looked really nice, so I wondered about the speed at which its external beauty was deteriorating. Some inquiry revealed that a number of things in that house were poorly finished. Interesting how it took only a few months for that to begin to show.
I thought to myself – time really does test and reveal the true quality of every man’s work. In the short term, it may look all nice and good; you may even get a lot of accolades because your work looks good. But in years to come, after your work has undergone the test of time, what will people have to say about you and your work?
It’s also interesting how records are maintained. You’ll find that you can’t quite separate yourself from your work. The quality of your work become a part of your reputation. So good work will improve your reputation.
I’m sure you’ve heard it said that a good name is more desirable than great riches; so whatever you do, keep your values and your reputation in mind. Work today in a manner that will result in your work declaring excellent things about you tomorrow. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Let your work say the same.
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