There was an accident. Two kids died; both from the same family. I was told the driver of the school bus was going too fast. He was on his way to pick children from a nearby village and drive them to school when he lost control and ran into the bike that had the kids on it. People said he was late and that he may have been drunk.

My heart ached. They weren’t mine but I mourned. I wished I could turn back the hands of time and make them leave home five minutes earlier or later… anything that would keep their precious lives from coming to an abrupt end that Monday morning. I found no peace. Then I tried to direct my thoughts down another path, hoping to get some relief. I said to myself, ‘people die everyday, some die young, some when they’re old. Bottom line, death comes to us all’. Yes, true, but that didn’t help.

They say the ones who hurt are the ones who are left behind after people die. They’re the ones who have to deal with the vacuum, the emptiness, the void, the silence. They’re the ones who have to fold the clothes and give them away or pack them in boxes and store them in a safe place. They’re the ones left to live with dreams that will never be realized – shattered dreams. So I thought of their parents and probably other siblings. My heart broke even more. I couldn’t imagine their pain.

I didn’t know who or where they were but I know someone who does – God; and knowing that He sees all and knows all, I committed them to Him and asked Him to wrap them in His loving arms and just hold them, love them, comfort them, strengthen and help them through this difficult and devastating period in their lives. Then I myself began to feel some peace.

That was the least I could do and I believe it did some good for that family. I think it worthwhile to transfer those burdens to God in prayer for those affected. They gain and we gain too. We’re all better off when we take it to the Lord in prayer. The Psalmist said, ‘Cast your cares upon the Lord and He shall sustain you’. You’re welcome to cast all your cares, anxieties, worries, concerns, fears and burdens on the Lord because He cares for you.

Why don’t you take a moment, a few minutes, or as much time as you need right now to lift those heavy burdens off? He’s waiting to hear from you.
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