Sometimes, even when we know for sure that possibilities exist, we feel too tired to reach out and grab what is right there in front of us. Sometimes we’re so close to the big break we desire and all that’s left is one move, but all of a sudden, our feet feel like they are weighted at the base. Sometimes, we know we’re not where we’re meant to be and that our current state is not the best, but we look around and because it seems we’re better off that some others, we consider settling right where we are.
Do I really have to? What have I got to lose if I don’t? Such questions come to mind and we find ourselves almost throwing in the towel.
At such times, I find it helpful to have encouragers of all kinds around me. From observing those who are where I want to be, to creating an image in my mind of the ideal, to having people come around and say ‘I am praying with you’, to searching the scriptures to find and meditate on all the promises that say I can have what I desire… anything that will spur me to on till I reach the mark.
But the ‘going’ is my choice. And I choose to press on. Some days I may go swiftly, climbing my mountains and leaping over the obstacles in my path. Some days I may walk along, probably feeling the weight of the challenge a little more. Some days I may crawl, and yet some other days, I may just sit for a while and take a breather, but what I will never do is quit. I am not a quitter and there’s no turning back for me. I’ll press on until I become all I was created to be.