I thought I heard a truck approach but by the time the large drops began to drum on my roof, I realized it was a heavy downpour; heavy and abrupt. I say so because in about five minutes from the time it started, this amazing rainfall ended. I mean it just stopped. It was so fast, you couldn’t have made it out in time to save your clothes if you had them spread outside to dry, or to position your drums if you rely on the rainfall for potable water.

I hear showers like this happen every now and then in this pleasant city called Eket, and as this was my first experience, it left me wondering.

How would life be if opportunities showed up this way?

The notification would come to you only a few seconds in advance and the opportunity would linger for just a few minutes. If you weren’t prepared in advance, you would begin to go about, trying to put things in place to enable you take advantage of the opportunity, but you’ll end up missing it because it wouldn’t last long enough. But you can be sure that you would find some people who have learned to live ready.

We may have different opinions about how long opportunities linger in reality, but I’m grateful that we can learn from the experiences of those who have travelled these paths before us and be better able to anticipate opportunities and be prepared for them when they show up. A good thing to do everyday therefore would be to watch and learn from the people you consider more experienced in your area of endeavour.

Look at your life today and realize that you are living in the reality of opportunities that you took advantage of. While they linger, make the most of them. Enjoy your children and take time to bond with them while they’re still in your care. Enjoy your work, even the challenging days, and get better with every problem you solve. Enjoy and grow your business. Enjoy the people that come your way and build valuable networks. Enjoy life and enjoy today. Before you know it, it’ll be tomorrow.

Picture credit: ldsmediatalk.com