People say talk is cheap. That’s a fact because it doesn’t cost you anything to open your mouth and say whatever you want to say. But when you consider it, talk can be pretty expensive. I’m sure you know already that the words you utter determine the course of your life. If you think this isn’t true, say ‘Yes, I did’ to the court when you are asked if you killed Mr. A. My husband once said that people often say ‘I do’ at their wedding in the euphoria of love and a few months down the line, ask themselves ‘what did I really do?’
The wise King Solomon said the tongue can bring death or life and those who love to talk will reap the consequences.  What we say has consequences. You’re gonna eat your words. So watch what you say, because you’re preparing yourself a lifetime supply of meals.
Some people are very uncomfortable with gaps that come up from time to time during their conversations and they try to fill it up with more talk. In the process, they give up more information than required, show their ignorance, or transition to telling lies and ultimately get into trouble. But you can put the silence to good use, by taking that moment to process the next things you’re going to say.
The wise thing to do is to speak thoughtfully. Take time to think about issues, rightly condition your mind towards positive and desirable outcomes, and even consider the reaction your words will cause, so that when you speak, the words that proceed from your mouth will bring you good and desirable fruits.
Don’t be hasty with words. Think before you speak.