Who am I? I’m a singer, songwriter, chemical & environmental engineer, wife to one husband, and mother to three wonderful children whom I learn from day after day.

As I go through life, I try to learn from my experiences and those of others. I believe we can create a better tomorrow by applying these lessons so I share them on my blog so others can benefit. You can call this my little contribution to make the world a better place, one lesson at a time.

A dose of motivation is needful every now and then. Sometimes the pressures of life hit hard and bring us down to the point where we even begin to consider giving up. When I feel the need, I do not hesitate to push out some positivity pills to boost the morale of a weary man on a good mission and get him back on his feet. So, yes. You’ll find some motivational pieces here.

Goal setting, planning, work-life balance, family life, purpose, destiny, and success are some of the things that interest me. I love to work hard towards set goals and to celebrate when the job is done. Achievements keep me motivated.

If blogging can serve as a platform for networking, I hope it brings me in contact with people of integrity who believe that they have all it takes and then take deliberate steps everyday to be all and to accomplish all they were created to.

If you’re thinking of the sky as your starting point, rather than your limit – you’re my kind of person. Let’s make a mark; let’s make our world a better place; let’s leave a legacy.