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A Few Things We Know About Anietie

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Expressing God-given gifts through every channel she has...

Anietie Bature is a lively and effervescent woman who loves bringing value to others in every way she can and has the opportunity to. She expresses her creativity as a songwriter, performing artist, author, conference speaker, and talk show host. She’s the current anchor of Recharge, the mid-week empowerment program of This Present House. She is also a professional in the energy industry and has served in many capacities since 2007.

Another area of interest for Anietie is relationships and marriage. She is a certified marriage mentor and relationship coach, who is passionate about helping people lay solid foundations so that they can build healthy and fulfilling marriages. Her books – Husband Material & Husband Material – The Workbook – are tools she created to enlighten people on the subject.

She is married to Kingsley Bature and they are blessed with three children – Nathan, Anna, and Micah. Along with her husband, she hosts the ‘Common Sense for Relationships’ live show and runs a YouTube channel where she empowers people with valuable information to help them make better decisions in their relationships.


    I love singing! It’s such a beautiful way to connect with people and share my thoughts and feelings.


    It’s so important to carefully document best practices, guidelines, and experiences to help people avoid pitfalls and perils on their journey to finding true love.


    Helping another person find the path to a blissful relationship is very fulfilling…


    You’ll be amazed at what you can learn from everything you witness or experience. I derive so much pleasure in sharing what I learn with others.


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