Jesus Is Lord Service. We call it JILS for short. It’s quite an interesting service that holds about three times a year at the City of David, Eket. We all take time to prepare… fasting and prayer for sure… and other instructions as God directs. The testimonies are simply amazing. One lady who attended the […]

When we talk about hazards in the home, our minds go to wet floors, sharp objects, tall and unsecured furniture, harmful chemicals, hot liquids, gas cookers, electricity outlets, and so on. Our concerns here are mostly physical but there’s more to worry about. I heard about a young boy who got an indepth exposure to […]

Yesterday, I went to visit a friend. We chatted for a while and she offered me cake. I said ’em… who baked it?’ and after she replied I proceeded to tell her about how picky I am about cakes and why. There’s a whole story here. My mother taught all her daughters to bake. In […]

Time wasters 1 ‘That means I’m in love with about five ladies’… My dad’s late. That’s why he spoke of permission from my mum. These statements seemed to hold a lot of promise but hey, they came from Timbo, so I documented them and carried on using my head. Easter came around and some friends […]

“That means I’m in love with about five ladies’. Yes, that’s what he said. I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this experience. I think it’s time now. I thought this matter of time wasters would have faded into almost non-existence but from what I hear, it’s still on, big time, and some […]