It’s that time of year again. As you celebrate with friends and loved ones, remember those around you who need a little help from you to make their celebration a little more blissful. Can you provide for someone in need during this season? You probably worked hard, earned quite some money this year, got promoted, […]

It’s December already! Can you believe it? Soon we’ll be singing carols, going on vacation or traveling home for the holidays, giving and receiving gifts… and then that special moment will come when we gather in central locations with loved ones or with total strangers to count down… 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! […]

This seemed like a heartfelt cry and I wondered. I couldn’t make out what the problem was so I asked. Why are you crying?  No response. What’s wrong? No response. Did you fall down? ‘No Mummy’… she replied through the tears that streamed down her face. So why are you crying? And she cried even […]

He’s the only God I know who died to save the people He created in His image and likeness. NO OTHER GOD! He gave His life in faith that we would recognize that there is no greater love than this and return to Him. Yes, return. Mankind had fellowship with this God before the devil […]

Hello Friends, ‘No Other God’ is now available for free listening and download. Here are links to a few platforms where you can find it: GospelHotspot NotJustOk GospelCentric Details: Song written by: Anietie Bature Produced by: Star Studios & iChek Music Mastered by: Edward Sunday

JUST PRESS ON! Tired, weary, drained…. PRESS ON Battered, shattered, tattered… PRESS ON Broken, bruised, torn apart… PRESS ON Used, abused, now confused… PRESS ON   Press on?  Press on to what?!!!  To what??….. (Silence… then a sigh)   PRESS ON to a brighter day when the rays of the sun will break through those […]

A lot can go wrong with a meal when the cook has not learned some secrets from more experienced hands. A long time ago, I learned that when cooking with dried fish, you have to rinse off the excess salt with cold water before you begin, and taste to determine if you have enough salt […]