Moving to Eket was quite an event in my family’s life. If this had happened three years ago, I think I would have been devastated but certain happenings brought me to a place where I felt like I could pull up my anchors, sail to a new location, set them down again and totally have a blast.

The other day, someone asked what I would say to people in Lagos who were considering a move to Eket.  At that, I went on about the variety of fish we have here, cheaper accommodation, lower school fees, cleaner and fresher air, reduced cost for sports facilities, fresher fruits and vegetables, and so on. Seriously, you can’t beat the taste of the banana in Akwa Ibom State. It’s simply delicious.

Gele – Yoruba (Nigeria) word for female head wraps

But my response would have been incomplete if I didn’t mention TRAFFIC. On an average day, there is ZERO traffic in Eket! So you can confidently say ‘I’ll be there in fifteen minutes’ and actually be there in fifteen minutes. Making a statement like that in Lagos is tantamount to jeopardizing your integrity because you just never know the type of traffic you’ll face around the corner. It could be the type that ties wrapper, complete with gele and sunglasses (as our on-air personalities on Wazobia FM describe very serious Lagos traffic).

One more thing – just like we have breaks, weekends, time-outs, holidays, and so on, you can factor in getaways from Eket to anywhere you desire to satisfy other longings that you may not yet have the means for in Eket. After all, with the lower cost of living, you can save more for such endeavours.

So, this is me. How about you? Are you facing any major change in your life? It is important for you to stay happy and fulfilled through your transition and after you’ve settled into your new normal. Identify all the blessings and benefits in your life today and make the most of them. You’ll be amazed at what you discover.

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