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A renowned professional in the energy industry with almost two decades of experience, she is also a songwriter, performing artist, conference speaker, certified marriage mentor and relationship coach, who is passionate about helping people lay solid foundations so that they can build healthy and fulfilling marriages. Using her wealth of knowledge and lessons from her own adventure, she speaks to Guardian Life about her new book, Husband Material, and Strong Units.

How important would you say your childhood influences were in moulding who you are today?

Very important and significant. My parents modelled a beautiful family for me and what I saw in my family growing up was part of what inspired me to build a great family myself, a stable one where there is joy, love, happiness and peace. The lessons I learnt from my background really inspired me. These things are important because children learn first from what they’re being shown by their parents. You may think it doesn’t matter, but your child may decide they want to be like their father, begging the question, “who and how is their father like? How is their mother and what example is being shown to the children?” 

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