Have you heard about the ‘area of brilliance’? Well, this stood out to me as I advanced through the pages of The Power of Focus. Simply put, this is that area where you excel with minimal effort, study or preparation. It’s an area of ease for you notwithstanding the difficulty others experience. Now here’s the mind blower – These activities actually give you energy! Yes. Energy.

Can you imagine that? An activity that energizes you instead of draining you? A task that you would do and go home happy even if you weren’t paid for your service? An endeavour you would gladly give up your favourite TV program or some hours of sleep for? If you can identify one or two of such, those are your areas of brilliance.

One of my areas of brilliance is singing. I remember back in school, choir rehearsals were therapeutic sessions for me. No matter how stressful the semester was, as long as I could make it to the next rehearsal, I knew I would get charged up to face the next few days. That activity truly gave me energy.

Well, we’re advised by Jack Canfield et al to focus on our areas of brilliance because all our biggest rewards in life will come from spending the vast majority of our time in these areas. Even on the job, you’ll find yourself more productive and valuable if you focus on the things you do best and let others do what they do best… assuming you have that much luxury of choice.

My take on this whole issue is if you’re fortunate enough to be doing what you love to do as your career, be grateful. If your career however is outside your area of brilliance, you have two choices. Firstly, you could strategically work your way towards a total career change. Secondly, you could find a way to incorporate your energy-giving activities into your life off the job while developing your capacity and skill in the areas you have to operate in at work. The success you realize with your enhanced capacity could become your motivation – your energy – and usher you into a whole new realm of fulfilment.

The bottom line, it’s never too late to begin your pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. Give your life some thought today and often, and with the help of the Architect of our Destinies, make a decision on how to proceed and then GO!