Back to base. School’s starting soon. The kids miss their cousins already. One can actually have a wonderful holiday even without travelling to an exotic location. 

After our getaway, my husband and I joined the kids at my sister’s home. They had fun bonding and playing with their cousins and I particularly enjoyed waking up late some days, watching very entertaining and inspiring movies, watching CNN, and sometimes doing nothing – I really can’t account for some of the hours spent. In all, we had the most fulfilling and refreshing holiday.

I remember when all the planning started for this vacation. Many thanks to my sister and my husband who took the time to synergize the vacation plans for both families. Good planning paid off especially because tickets were cheaper when purchased earlier. 

There were some setbacks which we had to work around and some opportunities that showed up which we took advantage of. But if we didn’t have a plan, it may have been just another holiday. So, inspired by the success of a properly planned holiday, I’m refocusing on good planning as I return to everyday life and work.

Best wishes to you too as you take the time to plan your tomorrow.